Typical products


Oil production in the province of Verona extends over the whole territory, from the Garda Lake, to Valpolicella, up to Valpantena and Val d'Illasi. The Valpolicella oil has a very intense and deep golden-green colour. It's ideally used is raw condition. The main feature of the product is the traditional pressing of fruits harvested by hand.


There is a long tradition of pig cured meats in Lessinia and Valpolicella: sopresse, salami, horseshoe-shaped salami, boloney, cotechini, lard, bacon, smoked ham and ham.

Monte Veronese is the typical cheese of this area and of the Veneto in general. Currently there are two types of Monte Veronese: Monte Veronese “whole milk” and Monte Veronese “pupil”. In the last couple of years some cheeses undergo a process of bathing in Amarone, producing a new cheeses called "Ubriaco".


Valpolicella is the production zone of some of the best Italian wines: the Valpolicella Doc, lively and fresh; the Valpolicella Superiore, aged for at least a year; the Ripasso, obtained with a double fermentation of the Valpolicella wine with withered grapes; the Amarone, the most appreciated with a dry taste, harsh and vigorous; and the sweet Recioto, with a full and lovable taste. The grapes used are mostly Corvina and Rondinella where they can add Molinara and Corvinone.

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